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Come on in, have a seat, and sorry about the cat hair and those Legos on the floor. Make yourself at home. Explore. Poke around the medicine cabinets (we all do it). Let me introduce you to some stories full of heart-racing romance and heart-stopping suspense. 

Available September 7, 2021

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Three clues.

Two unsolved murders.

One second chance at love.

Still traumatized after the drowning of her best friend ten years ago, Lara Mattson reluctantly returns to the sleepy river town of Raven Falls, Pennsylvania. Her objective is to bury her father, settle his estate, then return to Los Angeles.

And never look back.

Not even bumping into Zach Buchanan, her ex-high-school-sweetheart turned successful defense attorney, can ruin her plan.

Until they stumble across a murdered neighbor.

With Lara’s father the number one suspect and the estate tied up in the investigation, she’s stuck in Raven Falls. But when evidence surfaces linking the murder to her best friend’s alleged drowning, nothing and no one can stop Lara from uncovering the truth and finding the real killer.

Not the uncooperative detective assigned to the case.

Not the shadowy murderer stalking her.

And certainly not Zach and her not-so-dead feelings for him.

After all, what’s a broken heart if it means avenging her best friend and clearing her father’s name?

Described as Nancy Drew with a sex drive, romance fans will dive into Celeste Straub’s award-winning style of heart-racing romance and heart-stopping suspense.

Look what readers are saying about Celeste Straub's steamy romantic suspense.

This book is like a rollercoaster, the only difference is that it takes you up and keeps you there for a good while. I liked everything and I mean it!

Lily's Book World


Leather and Lies is the perfect mix of mystery, action, and romance! The characters are well developed in a flowing plot line that kept me turning the pages, always eager to see how the suspense unfolded in the next chapter. Perfect for the beach, plane ride, or cozy fall night in!

Amazon Reviewer

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